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MASSY PRES-T-CON enters the Hollowcore Market

MASSY Pres-T-Con, located in the Caribbean nation of Trinidad and Tobago, undertook a careful investigation of all the world’s hollowcore production solutions before deciding to implement the region’s first Elematic extruded hollowcore production system in early 2006

MASSY Pres-T-Con, enjoys a reputation as one of the region’s most comprehensive suppliers of structural prestressed concrete building components. MASSY Pres-T-Con is one of the few firms in the Southern Caribbean that can create a structural design for a concrete structure, engineer the prestressed components as well as manufacture them in its own plant in Arima, Trinidad and install them at the customer site. The company’s expertise extends below the water line as well, with 60% of the company’s business focused on the design, manufacturing and installation of prestressed concrete piles (including beams, slabs and other components for buildings, bridges, jetties, docks, foundations and other marine applications).

“Developers trust us to provide a very complete solution for their projects,” explained Jan Landreth-Smith, Director of Engineering and Deputy Managing Director for the firm, which produces over 5000 cubic yards of Precast concrete products per month.

A request from the developer of a high-rise waterfront parking structure in the Trinidadian capital of Port of Spain prompted MASSY Pres-T-Con to enter the hollowcore market. The size and dollar volume of the project justified entering the new market, in competition with the only existing hollowcore supplier in the Southern Caribbean region.

Once the decision was made, the company initiated an extensive search for the right type of hollowcore production equipment. The goal was to find an automated system that would dovetail easily into MASSY Pres-T-Con’s existing production facility. “It was critical for us to find a system that would work with our current casting beds,” said Landreth-Smith. “Our goal was to minimize our initial infrastructure costs.”

It was the simplicity of the Elematic extrusion system that eventually made it the choice of the MASSY Pres-T-Con staff. “In this case, being simpler doesn’t mean it was simplistic,” said Landreth-Smith. “The Elematic system was much easier for our employees to implement and operate, yet it met the productivity goals we were aiming to achieve.”

The quality of the after-sale support was a key deciding factor for MASSY Pres-T-Con, which runs an uncommonly self-sufficient manufacturing facility at a location far removed from traditional sources of support and supplies. Only prestressed strand is imported, cement is manufactured locally and local Trinidadian gravel pits supply all the other raw materials for concrete manufacturing.

Within a few days of the Elematic system’s arrival in April 2006, finished hollowcore was moving efficiently out of the plant. The flow hasn’t stopped, and MASSY Pres-T-Con is working full speed to fill orders booked through March 2007. The long-term future is bright for MASSY Pres-T-Con’s Precast in the Caribbean marketplace, and hollowcore is part of making the outlook brighter.

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